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¡Yappah! Chicken Crisps

Snack on Purpose

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What People Are Saying After Their First ¡Yappah! Experience

I just got my yappah crisps, and they’re flipping delicious. Where/when/how can I buy more?

Chips in a can are a revelation!! Bout bloody time!

OMG!!! I just received my order and these are sooooo good, how do I go about ordering more?

I’m rationing my last cans. Need more! Take my money, please!!

I was really shocked when I bit into my first one. The texture is GREAT and the flavor popped out so well and so clearly I was over the moon.

Hi, I clearly didn’t order enough because I’m almost out! How can I get more?!


Got mine. My wife and I gobbled two cans. Surprisingly yummy. Can we have more, please?

I just received a package of your White Cheddar IPA and my mouth exploded in fits of love!!!

…Thanks for making me and my mouth so Yappy… I mean Happy!!!

…Very addictive. I shared them with my wife [& friends]; [They] love them... These will certainly be a hit! Cheers!


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