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Full Sampler Pack // 6-Pack

Full Sampler Pack // 6-Pack


A sampler pack of all of our unique flavors! You’re bound to love one (or all 5!) of our flavors in this variety pack. It’s built for an adventurous taste explorer that wants to try flavors never before seen in the snack aisle!



2x Michelada

1x IPA White Cheddar

1x Shandy Beer

1x Celery Mojo  

1x Carrot Curry

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ¡Yappah! Chicken Crisps compare taste-wise vs. other snacks?

Taste comes first! That’s why we sent our chef on a mission to use carefully selected forgotten ingredients & rescue them to create a completely new type of snack. The results: a delicious snack with all the flavor nuance of a meal.


How do the ¡YAPPAH! Chicken Crisps help fight food waste?

¡YAPPAH! Chicken Crisps help fight food waste by using safe and delicious ingredients that for a variety of reasons are surplus to their original requirements and would have otherwise been left behind.


 Why package it in a can?

Aluminum cans are fully recyclable. Nearly all conventional snack food packaging is not. Since our product helps fight food waste on the inside, it only makes sense that we fight single use plastic packaging waste on the outside.

You can recycle right at home, the same as any other standard aluminum can. If your city recycles, you can recycle this packaging.


What are rescued veggie purees?

Veggie purees are usually sold to make juice. The ones we are sourcing are close to their expiration date and would have been thrown away if not given new life by being incorporated into ¡YAPPAH! Chicken Crisps. They are perfectly good in terms of quality and provide great flavor.


What is rescued spent grain?

These spent grains (malted barley) are a byproduct of the beer brewing process. This nutritious ingredient would have been used for non-human consumption or trashed if not provided to us.


What is your brand / company about?

Up in the Andes, we were introduced to a tradition, on the verge of being forgotten, that made a big impact on us. It was the concept of “yapa.” It refers to the little something extra a merchant gives to a valued customer, so that no food gets wasted.

This concept inspired us. Because “Let’s waste food,” said no one. Ever. At Yappah Foods, we aim to Discover Beauty in the Forgotten™. Fighting food waste is just the beginning.


Where do you source your ingredients?

¡YAPPAH! Chicken Crisps help fight food waste by using safe and delicious ingredients that for a variety of reasons are surplus to their original requirements and would have otherwise become waste if not included in ¡Yappah! Chicken Crisps.


Are there similar products out there?

Some snacks may include chicken, others may include rescued ingredients -- but no others include both.


What is in the Chicken Crisps? 

Chicken Breast- It’s our #1 Ingredient!

Tapioca Flour- from Cassava root for a satisfying crunch

Rescued Vegetable Puree- from juicing, and rescued Spent Grain- from beer brewing

Rescued Spent Grain- from beer brewing


Do ¡Yappah! Crisps expire?

Yes - as indicated on each individual can.


How soon will my order arrive after I place my order?

The United States is a big country! In most cases, your order will arrive within 2-3 days. Depending on where you live, it can take as long as 7 days. You will be provided a tracking number so you can follow your order’s trip all the way to your door.


Who do I contact if there is something wrong with my shipment?

Whoops! Our bad. We’re human and mistakes happen. If there is a problem with your order, we apologize. Give us a chance to fix it! Please give us a call at 866-764-4605  or send us an email at and we will try and resolve the issue as quickly as we can.


If I have other questions, who should I contact?

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