The ¡Yappah! Story

Up in the Andes of South America, we discovered a tradition on the verge of being forgotten that made a big impact on us. It was the concept of “yapa,” and it refers to the little something extra a merchant gives to a valued customer as an expression of gratitude or to help make the most of a day’s purchases so that everything gets used and nothing gets forgotten or left behind.

We Discover Beauty in the Forgotten

We keep an open perspective, striving to look closer at all our contexts and discover potential that others may have missed. Then we take steps to activate that potential. This can be a new ingredient, packaging material, product, culinary technique or cuisine.

We Apply a Chef's Lens

Chefs know how to use every ingredient to its fullest potential. We adopt that same perspective with our recipes, and look both upstream and downstream to see where we can upcycle the resources already in process. Chefs also know how to balance flavor and create engaging culinary experiences, which is why all of our recipes are developed by chefs, in a kitchen, using the same real ingredients that end up in our products.

Together, we can make a difference

Helping to fight food waste with a chef-developed crisp and rescued ingredients is groundbreaking, so we need passionate and like-minded groundbreakers like you to get on board. We want to connect directly with early supporters who care about creating better, more responsible food and want to join us in our mission to fight food waste.

Together, we can fight food waste in a big way – at scale.